Ana Rajcevic: ANIMAL

ANIMAL: The Other Side of Evolutionby Ana Rajcevic is a collection of pieces of personal adornment that introduces ‘a new breed’ of precious objects. Stepping out of the traditional jewellery/ accessories context, Rajcevic offers a collection that can exist and be exhibited both on their own and attached to the human body.

ANIMAL: The Other Side of Evolution (fiberglass, polyester resin, 2012), Ana Rajcevic

ANIMAL pieces are inspired by the anatomy of animals, in particular, by skeleton structures. Attached to the human body these pieces ‘appear as natural properties of the body, suggesting strength, power and sensuality’, says Ana Rajcevic. Merging the human and animal anatomies, Rajcevic presents us with a new body, one that -through this manipulation- appears to be more directly immersed within the context of natural life.

ANIMAL: The Other Side of Evolution (fiberglass, polyester resin, 2012), Ana Rajcevic

‘All the objects –of the collection- were handcrafted creating multi-part master holds, using gelcoat, fibreglass, resin and silicone rubber’, explains Rajcevic. The materiality and fluid morphology of ANIMAL collection present similarities with some of the most contemporary architectural and design propositions of our times. An example of these propositions being the Chanel pavilion by Zaha Hadid Architects, showcasing a skin manufactured from Fibre Reinforced Polymer.


Mobile Art Chanel Contemporary Art Container, 2010, Zaha Hadid Architects

Making use of contemporary material technologies and exploring fluid natural forms as means to re-define the way in which the human body is presented, Rajcevic’s work certainly joins the avant-garde section of contemporary designers that operate trans-disciplinary towards the re-definition of our the cultural and physical environments.


ANIMAL: The Other Side of Evolution (fiberglass, polyester resin, 2012), Ana Rajcevic

*ANIMAL: The Other Side of Evolution was awarded MA Best Design Award 2012, University of the Arts London and Accessories Collection of the Year, International Talent Support 2012 Italy

The complete ANIMAL collection is available on:

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